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Need for Speed Underground 2 is a Racing game for PC published by Electronic Arts in 2004. This is the second version of undercover series.

Need for Speed Underground 2 PC Game 2004 Overview:

After the successful releasing of the first version, EA decided to design a new version. Everything is ready to race in the streets again!

Need for Speed Underground 2 Download

But the police cars won’t let you race without any problem. Because the group you have joined, Doesn’t have limits. It means that players can drive with high speeds. Get a car from the store with the money you’ve got. Then enter a race and win it. With the earned money, Upgrade your car. Need for Speed Underground 2 has the best customization system between the other versions. There are many detailed items for each car at this system.

NO2 is one of the equipment that you can use for your cars. By using this power, Your car’s speed will go higher within some seconds. If you are bored of escaping from the police, Choose the police cars. Yes! You can be police too. After joining the police, Try to catch the illegal drivers. Don’t worry about the cars. Because this group has great cars too. Even much better than the others. The price of these cars is a bit higher.

You will see information like your location near the screen. Try to use the information well. The second version of NFS Underground was more successful that the previous one. Because EA Games tried to make big changes at the graphics. Also they improved the gameplay to give a great experience for the players. If you are one of the NFS fans, Try it to enjoy the exciting races.

Features of Need for Speed Underground 2:

  • Another successful version of NFS franchise
  • Earn scores to get the top cars
  • Nice customization and control system
  • Story mode with characters

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: windows 98 or later
  • CPU: pentinum III or AMD athlon – 700mhz processor
  • RAM: 128MB RAM (256MB for 2000 or later)
  • Graphics: 32MB direct3D
  • Disc Space: 2.0GB hard disk space

File Size : 232.45 MB

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File Password : www.freegamesdl.net

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    What should do to save the game? it does not save at all!!!!!!

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    nfs carbon next

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    best so best

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    not working after installing it says password i put what is at the bottom of the site but does not work #help

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    it s a cool game. Too bad that it doesn t have police

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    tell me it is perfect for window 7 yes or no

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    it is a very cool game but i will enter password in password dialog-box and it say its eror.?

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    Is this game guaranteed the full version of NFSU2?

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    File Password : https://www.freegamesdl.net

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    The speed 2 file does not open on windows 7. It only loads and thats it. I tried changing the compatability to windows XP and to run as administrator. Nothing is happening, please help.

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    What is Password NFS UN2 File

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    Cut scenes rent coming up and I cant neither is the music.

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