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Turing Complete

Turing Complete PC Game Free Download

Turing Complete is an Action, Adventure, and Simulation game for PC published by LevelHead in 2021. A game that starts with one NAND element and builds an 8-bit CPU circuit!

Turing Complete PC Game 2021 Overview:

Simple logic circuits such as AND / OR / XOR, adders, logic operations for each byte, memory using flip-flop circuits, program counters, etc. are stepped to make parts, and finally, everything is in the CPU.

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Spelunky PC Game Free Download

Spelunky is an Adventure and Platformer game for PC published by Mossmouth in 2013. The journey to the underground places has started!

Spelunky PC Game 2013 Overview:

The player will take the role of a boy who wants to adventure in secret places. But these kinds of places are so dangerous for an alone boy.

(v1.47 Update added)

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