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Simulation Time Management

Parkitect PC Game Free Download

Parkitect is a Simulation and Time Management game for PC published by Texel Raptor in 2016. Build your own theme park with your facilities.

Parkitect PC Game 2016 Overview:

There will be an empty place to build this park at first. If you want to get new visitors so fast, You need to build a roller coaster for the visitors.

(v1.5i Update added)

Parkitect PC Game Free Download

The roller coaster is one of the most important things in your theme park. Its rails can be customized by the players. The more space you create in your park’s territory, The longer roller coaster’s rails you can have. There are other types of items that you can use to entertain the visitors. When a visitor enters your park, You get paid. So, If the number of them gets increased, You will earn more money. You shouldn’t waste this money in useless parts of the park.

You can see which part is popular among people. So, You can improve that part with money. Your park needs to be decorated with natural things such as trees. So, Planting trees should be in your progress. There are some tools that can help the players do this faster. It’s possible to purchase these tools in the store. You should have a good transportation system for the visitors inside the theme park. They don’t want to wait for more than some minutes vainly.

Now, It’s the time to build the park of your dreams at Parkitect. It doesn’t matter how you build it. It should be enough entertaining for the people who visit this park for some hours.

Features of Parkitect:

  • Create your own theme park with the tools that you have
  • Build a roller coaster to entertain the visitors
  • Customize your park and decorate it to be attractive
  • Lots of items that can be used to make entertaining parts for the park

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel i5 or comparable
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Anything made since 2004
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

File Size : 0.64 & 0.63 & 1.22 & 1.22 & 1.05 & 1.17 & 0.52 & 0.06 & 1.02 & 1.05 & 0.54 & 0.43 & 0.41 & 0.4 & 0.39 & 0.38 & 0.33 & 0.53 & 0.5 & 0.39 GB

v1.5i Direct Download Link

v1.5h Direct Download Link

v1.5g Direct Download Link

v1.5e Direct Download Link

v1.5 cp1 Direct Download Link

v1.5c Taste of Adventure DLC Direct Download Link (Needs the main game)

v1.5 Taste of Adventure DLC Direct Download Link

v1.4c Direct Download Link

v1.4 Direct Download Link (Needs the main game)

v1.3 Direct Download Link

v1.2 Direct Download Link

v1.0 Direct Download Link

Beta12 Direct Download Link

Beta10 Direct Download Link

Beta9 Direct Download Link

Beta7 Direct Download Link

Beta6 Direct Download Link

Beta2a Direct Download Link

Alpha16b Direct Download Link

Alpha9a Direct Download Link

Direct Download Link


File Password :

Game’s Page on Steam

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  2. whats the password to play please? I would appreciate it thanks :)

  3. Didnt get the password.

    Pleace write me

  4. please update this game!

  5. whats the password to play this game

  6. Hj what’s your name

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  8. passwort

  9. How come I can’t update it to alpha 8, its stuck on alpha 2a. PLEASE HELP


  11. Thank you!! so much nicer than downloading from all those survey sites :)

  12. i swear people are so god damn stupid, why are you asking for the god damn password, it is literally under the download links. it is

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    • You don’t get it do you ?
      theyre not idiots you are
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      and that is the password you are the idiot here

  13. How do you make a new park? I don’t know how to and when I click create nothing happens!

  14. You should totally add a roller coaster tycoon game, BUT not roller coaster tycoon world, cause that’s horrid, in my opinion.
    It would be really nice if you could upload one of the series.

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  18. alpha update files
    1.0 and 1.2 this all is same install update
    after install alpha 9a all alpha files can install for update and 1.0 and 1.2 also for update for next stage of alpha….
    ParKitect GOG is other install of Parkitect game it need same file for update for GOG..
    1.4 is cdx update of ParKitect cdx that can not update to 1.4 if no cdx 1 to 1.3

    i install all already and i got ParKitect GOG
    and Parkitect
    this two are same game but different Icon and Different in build that how many it can builds

  19. it says to start download for FREE but all it does is sends you to a different website and just clickbait you so just forget about playing this game as you can’t from all the clickbait

  20. Password:

  21. can v1.4c work alone? no main game needed? sorry im a newbie

  22. wow, you have the fastest link with no annoying ads gimmick. Thank you!