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    Celeste PC Game Free Download

    4 January 2019 , by Ali

    Celeste is an Action, Adventure and Platformer game for PC published by Matt Makes Games Inc in 2018. Go on adventures with a cute girl.

    Celeste PC Game 2018 Overview:

    You have to climb up a legendary mountain to solve lots of mysteries there. It will take a bit long to discover all of the areas on this mountain.

    (v1.2.5.3 Update added)


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    Broforce PC Game Free Download

    29 December 2018 , by Ali

    Broforce is an Action, Adventure and Platformer game for PC published by Devolver Digital in 2014. Choose a character to fight with enemies.

    Broforce PC Game 2014 Overview:

    Enter the world designed by millions of pixels. Each hero has abilities in battles. Choose among one of them to be the great fighter against enemy.

    (v15.05.2018 Update added)


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    Dead Cells PC Game Free Download

    28 December 2018 , by Ali

    Dead Cells is an Action, Adventure and Platformer game for PC published by Motion Twin in 2017. Take the control of a fighter to bring peace in his world.

    Dead Cells PC Game 2017 Overview:

    He is so strong that can fight more than an enemy at the same time. But he needs a great controller like you to show his amazing abilities in the battles.

    (v1.1 Update added)


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    Shovel Knight Free PC Download

    16 December 2018 , by Ali

    Shovel Knight is a Platormer game for PC published by Yacht Club Games in 2014. Be a legendary knight and use a shovel instead of weapons!

    Shovel Knight PC Game 2014 Overview:

    Players have two aims at this game. First of all, You should rescue your love. Then, You have to prepare for annihilating the witch.

    (v2.9.0.16 Update added)


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    Super Meat Boy Free Download

    31 October 2018 , by Ali

    Super Meat Boy is an Adventure, Casual and Platformer game for PC published by Team Meat in 2013. A red creature is ready to fight.

    Super Meat Boy PC Game 2013 Overview:

    The main character is a cube of meat who has special abilities. His girlfriend has been trapped by the evil. Now, It’s your duty to save her.

    (Race Mode Edition Update added)


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