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Open World

Smalland Survive the Wilds
ActionAdventureOpen World

Smalland Survive the Wilds Free Download

Smalland Survive the Wilds is an Action, Adventure, and Open World game for PC published by Merge Games in 2023. Take part in a huge adventure on a little scale!

Smalland Survive the Wilds PC Game 2023 Overview:

When you’re this little and at the bottom of the food chain, preparation is essential. Build encampments, tame and ride beasts, make weapons and armor, and explore a foreign new continent.

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The Long Dark
AdventureOpen WorldSimulation

The Long Dark Free Download

The Long Dark is an Adventure, Simulation and Open World game for PC published by Hinterland Studio Inc in 2014. Try to survive!

The Long Dark PC Game 2014 Overview:

When a disaster happens on Earth, Most humans die because of that. You’re one of the humans who have survived. If you don’t try, You may die too!

(v2.08 Update added)

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ActionAdventureOpen World

Tchia PC Game Free Download

Tchia is an Action, Adventure, and Open World game for PC published by Awaceb, Kepler Interactive in 2023. An open-world tropical adventure!

Tchia PC Game 2023 Overview:

In this physics-based sandbox, you can climb, glide, swim, and sail your boat throughout a lovely archipelago. Control whatever creature or thing you can locate while playing your fully functional ukulele.

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AdventureOpen WorldSci-fi

ASTRONEER PC Game Free Download

ASTRONEER is an Adventure, Sci-fi, and Open World game for PC published by System Era Softworks in 2016. Explore the outer space.

ASTRONEER PC Game 2016 Overview:

You will play as an astronaut in the 25th century where humans want to discover other planets. Can you discover new things faster than the others?

(v1.27.301.0 Update added)

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AdventureOpen WorldRPG

Gedonia PC Game Free Download

Gedonia is an Adventure, Open World and RPG game for PC published by Kazakov Oleg in 2020. Make discoveries and fight against enemies you encounter!

Gedonia PC Game 2020 Overview:

You can touch different events in the open world; You can create your character according to your own play style and try to continue your progress.

(v1.22a Update added)

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American Truck Simulator
Open WorldSimulation

American Truck Simulator Free Download

American Truck Simulator is a Simulation and Open World game for PC published by SCS Software in 2016. Roam in the american roads.

American Truck Simulator PC Game 2016 Overview:

Your chance to be a real truck driver in the american cities have become available! If you want to live like a real driver, Don’t miss this game.

(v1.46.4.1s Update added)

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