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Action Casual Simulation

Kiwi Clicker Juiced Up PC Game Free Download

Kiwi Clicker Juiced Up is an Action, Casual, and Simualtion game for PC published by tobspr Games in 2022. A great Idle/Clicker game!

Kiwi Clicker Juiced Up PC Game 2022 Overview:

A simplistic-looking idle/clicker game that actually has quite a bit of depth to it once you spend a little time with its mechanics.

Kiwi Clicker Juiced Up PC Game Free Download

Make kiwis, bag’em up, get’em xrayed and delivered in exchange for Koins.
Each upgradeable station is responsible for a different part of your kiwi delivery line – increase your Koin income rapidly by removing your bottlenecks with strategic acquisitions. Widen your options as you progress: professions offer unlockable mechanics to specialize your means of progression and transcending prestiges your progress to unlock even more features as well as permanent upgrades & bonuses.

its a great clicker game that has different ways you can play based on how often you want to open the game, using an auto clicker and afking or opening the game every 20 or so minutes or even just checking up on it once or twice a day adn you progress just as fast with each and theres not a lot of waiting around for things as theres always an affordable upgrade just ahead of you

Features of Kiwi Clicker Juiced Up:

  • Archery fires up your clicker/auto-clicker gameplay – shower your click-targets with arrows.
  • Alchemy empowers semi-active play – strengthen your station with a selection of potions.
  • Carpentry improves your idle experience – automate gameplay & gain growing bonuses.
  • Prestige to unlock features, bonuses & tons of sweet multipliers. Strategize your progression, grow your Koins higher, sacrifice more and more and more kings. Transcend further beyond – the demonikiwi cycle never ends.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64bit
  • Processor: 2 Ghz or faster
  • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Any
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

File Size: 30.07 MB

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Game’s Page on Steam

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  1. Tier Visuals & More Transcendence!
    JUL 14
    BETA 0.9f – Tier Visuals + More Transcendence
    This update adds visual changes to the upgrades when you tier them up, as well as well as an extra set of upgrades behind each branch’s crown upgrade!
    0.9e – Warmfixes + Balance
    JUL 10
    The Kiwi Kings Arrive!
    JUL 9
    BETA 0.9d – Unique Kings + Fixes
    Every profession has gained a unique Kiwi King! Each king offers specific benefits to enhance your profession’s powers even further.
    Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up

    Fri, August 5
    Mercenaries Arrived + Make Kiwis Happy & Offline Progression – Update 1.1
    Gain multi-profession powers hiring Mercenaries in the Klub! Make your kiwis happy & enjoy soft offline progress

    Kiwi Clicker Update 1.1 – Underground Content Part 2 / 3
    Hello everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed the launch week of Kiwi Clicker! The game’s been doing pretty decently – but who’s here for that?

    This is a very cool content patch – or at least, I hope so. I’ve added the two most-requested features. Oh, you can also kinda multi-profession now? I say kinda because it’s not the same, you see – there are these mercenaries and did I mention they can get stronger than the original profession?

    Hope that sounds interesting and that you enjoy the new update – as always, you might need to reopen steam to receive it.



    “Oh wouldn’t it be cool if you could choose a second profes-*KABLAM*
    You can do that now, but it doesn’t work the same way as the first one – go find it and figure it out and meta-argue how archery x carpentry is better than archery x alchemy (players really like archery).


    “Oh wouldn’t it be cool if you could make the kiwis hap-*CAREFUL INTERRUPTION AS TO NOT STARTLE THE CONCERNED PLAYER*
    you can do that now too, it’s a cheap early game unlock – I made this one into a righteous vs devious decision thing, so players who want to feel good about happy kiwis feel like selfless martyrs and players who wanted things to be even worse for the little guys feel like evil rulers.


    After many requests, I have managed to strike a deal with the kiwis – they’ll work when you’re not around, but only for as many hours as they can count (honestly we’re really lucky to have found that one kiwi with two human hands in the first place). Also, they’re not very good at unsupervised work, who knew?


    I believe this represents fairly accurately how the plan we set from the very start has been strictly followed step by step to bring you a satisfying game. As you can see, it is completely clear that the next steps will be carried out in this exact order, and no unforeseen circumstances will ever come to pass.

    This one’s the next one for sure – no line swerving here. It’s the last one in the Underground Content Update block, and its aim is to bring additional depth to your decision-making and add some risk, some emotion… perhaps even excitement? Who knows, I’m not the one who’s gonna be shaking hands with a mysterious underground creature every 10 minutes to get more pinky-pink coin things.

    Patch Notes
    As the post is already somewhat long, I’ve hidden the patchnotes here:

    That’s the real name of the mercenaries – yes. They were added to the game. There were tons of changes before it went live, but this is the first live version so we’ll consider this to be their original state.

    Happiness Policy
    You can now unlock a happiness policy selector through the transcendence tree – happier policies will deduct a small percentage of your koin gain, and more miserable ones will increase it ever-so-slightly.

    Offline Progress
    Offline progress now exists – it’s main purpose is to gain potions & fortify while away (does not count your Wiwi). It also gives a meager amount of koins and kurses, so archers don’t feel too left out.

    Clarity Improvements
    Improved clarity on what a ‘Krown’ is – this means that the actual ‘Krowns’ stand out much more now – oh, and also everything that used to be a ‘crown’ in the transcendence tree is no longer a ‘crown’.

    Improved clarity on ‘king containment’ and ‘unique kings’ – now they’re just called ‘essential skills’ in transcendence, no one knew what they did anyway so at least now they sound important. The tooltips in the profession screen have been rewritten, and archery now gets their king first.

    New Achievements
    The new content brings 9 new achievements – oooOOoooOOoooOOooOo what could they be?
    I’ll be completing missing achievement icons in the upcoming days, but the achievements still count!

    Minor Changes
    Archery now gets their Unique King first (and cheaper) and their containment skill second
    Upcoming content (not yet in the game) is now clearly marked as such to avoid more surprises
    Potions will now be yeeted into their slots instead of poofed, this allows wiwis to do wiwi things
    Archerwiwi has a toggle for whether it shoots kings or not – but only when applicable
    Carpentry ratio upgrade will always upgrade the option with the result for LEVEL / RATIO
    ‘Remember to click here to speed up’ will now only trigger once per game session
    The world no longer scrolls if you have an overlay menu open (anything that covers the screen)
    Added a little reminder to feed the alchemy king potions so people actually do that
    Moved elements around so that Wiwis can fit properly over the profession area
    Made the underground entrance a little more attention-grabbing so people check it out

    Fixes & Similar
    Fixed challenge timers not ignoring game-time multipliers (they should)
    Fixed being able to accidentally grab multiple potions, causing unexpected results
    Fixed 3 penance failure-state achievements that were not triggering properly
    Fixed not being able to see your system cursor when importing & exporting with the gun unlocked
    About 40-million Wiwi-related fixed caught in the beta, hahahahah how lovely