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Hero or Villain Genesis Free Game Download

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Hero or Villain Genesis is an Action, Adventure and RPG game for PC published by Hosted Games in 2019. A letter story!

Hero or Villain Genesis PC Game 2019 Overview:

You are going to become the hero who is about to saves the lives of people and balances the world.

Hero or Villain Genesis Free Game Download

This is a good superhero/supervillain text-based choose your own adventure style game. It is everything The Best of Us tried to be and do but couldn’t quite pull off. There is a huge amount of character customization possible and despite a huge amount of superpowers, we felt like the creator pulled off letting you use your powers very well. Id probably likes more content but that said there is a good amount.
we’ve played this game on the app as well so we’ve probably logged about 15 playthroughs over all that steam isn’t tracking and each time we play we usually discover something we didn’t know about before. The game world is well built. we thought the job section seemed a bit thin and repetitive and doesn’t seem to change enough depending on a career path, but once more this game was a huge undertaking so this is nitpicking. So in short if you like the super lifestyle and you want to live as a vigilant, hero, or villain, buy this game and start your super adventure!

Features of Hero or Villain Genesis:

  • The plot seems to branch out significantly, later on, we expect the other ending sections of the game to be completely different than the one we took.
  • A lot of options for powers and difficulty
  • Early hero/villain dynamics seemed pretty interesting
  • Plenty of choices for how to approach fights

Requested By Zak Kingston

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7

File Size: 55.04 MB

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