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Hitman 2

HITMAN 2 PC Game Free Download

HITMAN 2 is an Action game for PC published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment in 2018. Be the most skilled serial killer!

HITMAN 2 PC Game 2018 Overview:

As you control agent 47, there is no one safe in the world from the bloody hands of a professional assassin.

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Windlands 2

Windlands 2 Free PC Download

Windlands 2 is an Action and Adventure game for PC published by Psytec Games Ltd in 2018. A journey through beautiful scenes with your VR!

Windlands 2 PC Game 2018 Overview:

Start your VR journey with grappling hook and a bow, soar through the ruins of a fallen world. Controvert and destroy the gigantic titans and save the world from an ancient danger.

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PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 is a Sports game for PC published by Konami Digital Entertainment in 2018. Enjoy playing football with your hands!

PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 PC Game 2018 Overview:

Where Legends Are Made encapsulates the return of PES, with an unparalleled gameplay experience. Feel the excitement of football in your veins!

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URO PC Game Free Download

URO is an Adventure and Casual game for PC published by AnelaGamesStudio in 2018. Try to regain the color and sound, disappeared from world!

URO PC Game 2018 Overview:

There was a world where URO alone lives. However, the color and sound disappeared from the world from one day. Now you have to try to regain it!

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Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive PC Game Free Download

Sunset Overdrive is an Action and Adventure game for PC published by Microsoft Studios in 2018. Your old boss…Dead, Your boring job…Gone!

Sunset Overdrive PC Game 2018 Overview:

A contaminated energy drink has transformed most of the population into toxic mutants. For many it’s the end of the world, but for you it’s a dream come true.

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Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 PC Game Free Download

Far Cry 5 is an Action and Adventure game for PC published by Ubisoft in 2018. Start doing your missions beside fighting your enemies!

Far Cry 5 PC Game 2018 Overview:

You are going to control Hope County, Montana, land of the free and the brave but also home to a fanatical doomsday cult known as Eden’s Gate.

(v1.011 Repack Gold Edition + 5 DLCs – Dead Living Zombies 17.2 GB Full Cracked)

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Evil Bank Manager

Evil Bank Manager Free PC Download

Evil Bank Manager is a Simulation and Strategy game for PC published by Hamsters Gaming in 2018. Become the most successful capitalist in the world!

Evil Bank Manager PC Game 2018 Overview:

Join the hot fight for financial dominance! Manipulate and conspire on the way to your glory and success. Explore and develop new technologies, expand production, buy and build real estate!

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