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Dream Car Builder

Dream Car Builder Free Download

Dream Car Builder is a Racing and Simulation game for PC published by RoKo0 (Roman Konyukhov) in 2018. Design your car the way you want!

Dream Car Builder PC Game 2018 Overview:

A game at which you can build your car the way you want to. The customization system is more like CAD which engineers use, so consider a advanced customization!

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Distance PC Game Free Download

Distance is an Action and Racing game for PC published by Refract in 2018. Drive a car which can jump, rotate, and fly to survive a deadly city.

Distance PC Game 2018 Overview:

A racing game mixed with parkour in a mysterious and neon-drenched city where you should survive dangers by jumping, rotating, and flying.

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Frozen Synapse 2

Frozen Synapse 2 Free Download

Frozen Synapse 2 is a Strategy game for PC published by Mode 7 in 2018. Define your own strategy and defend the city of Markov Geist!

Frozen Synapse 2 PC Game 2018 Overview:

You have a mission to defend the city of Markov Geist against an array of threats from within and without. Define your own strategy and do the mission.

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Lamplight City

Lamplight City Free PC Download

Lamplight City is an Adventure game for PC published by Application Systems Heidelberg in 2018. Find justice for his clients!

Lamplight City PC Game 2018 Overview:

As detective who turned private investigator, try to bring justice to Lamplight City with the decisions you make and find justice for his clients.

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Intrusion 2

Intrusion 2 Free PC Download

Intrusion 2 is an Action game for PC published by Aleksey Abramenko in 2012. Defeat your enemies using their own weapon agenist themselves!

Intrusion 2 PC Game 2012 Overview:

When you defeat an enemy, they drop whatever weapon they were using, letting you pick it up as ammo for said weapon. Use them and continue your journey.

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OneShift PC Game Free Download

OneShiftis an Action, Adventure and Casual game for PC published by GrabTheGames, Mazen Games in 2018. Move objects to solve the puzzles!

OneShift PC Game 2018 Overview:

Choose one of the characters to move objects in order to reach the height into your goal. Solve the puzzles as they get harder and harder each level.

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7 Billion Humans

7 Billion Humans Free PC Download

7 Billion Humans is a Simulation game for PC published by Tomorrow Corporation in 2018. Solve the puzzle at the office of workers!

7 Billion Humans PC Game 2018 Overview:

A puzzle game just like Human Resource Machine with more humans. Slove the puzzles at the office where the office workers became the puzzles pieces.

(v1.0.32472 Update added)

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Hitogata Happa

Hitogata Happa Free PC Download

Hitogata Happa is an Action game for PC published by Rockin’ Android in 2011. Use the dolls given to blast your enemies in to pieces!

Hitogata Happa PC Game 2011 Overview:

This game has a ton of polish, a few different game modes, very nice pixel art with lots of explosions happening all the time and 13 characters.

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