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Spellrune Realm of Portals

Spellrune Realm of Portals Free Download

Spellrune Realm of Portals is a RPG and Strategy game for PC published by Microlith Games in 2018. Defeat hordes of creatures!

Spellrune Realm of Portals PC Game 2018 Overview:

As a wizard in a fantasy world, build a powerful spell deck, defeat hordes of creatures and collect magic artifacts in a collectible card game.

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My Brother Rabbit

My Brother Rabbit Free PC Download

My Brother Rabbit is an Adventure and Casual game for PC published by Artifex Mundi in 2018. Travel to imaginary worlds of childhood!

My Brother Rabbit PC Game 2018 Overview:

Journey five different worlds which is beeing created by the power of imagination of a brother to help his sister to cope with the illness she has, away from harsh reality of outside world.

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Cube Escape Paradox

Cube Escape Paradox Free PC Download

Cube Escape Paradox is an Adventure game for PC published by Rusty Lake in 2018. Solve the puzzles as a detective facing tons of secrets!

Cube Escape Paradox PC Game 2018 Overview:

The story of disturbed detective, Vandermeer, delivering new clues, a lot of secrets and expanding lore along with wonderful music, is waiting for you to solve the puzzles!

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Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines PC Game Free Download

Cities Skylines is a Simulation and Strategy game for PC published by Paradox Interactive in 2018. Build your city from 0 to 100 with this game!

Cities Skylines PC Game 2018 Overview:

If you’re looking for a city simulator and you want to craft the perfect functioning city, or want to play with no challenges and build a real world city, this game has everything for city builders.

(Parklife Plus v1.10.0-f3 + 24 DLCs – FitGirl Repack)

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Underhero PC Game Free Download

Underhero is an Adventure and RPG game for PC published by Paper Castle Games in 2018. Join Elizabeth IV and defeat the evil!

Underhero PC Game 2018 Overview:

A game inspired by Paper Mario games reveals a storyline of a hero where the chosen hero has failed and some other one takes its place.

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Pummel Party

Pummel Party Free PC Download

Pummel Party is an Action and Casual game for PC published by Rebuilt Games in 2018. Compete your friends in a challenging minigame!

Pummel Party PC Game 2018 Overview:

Play with your friends and bots while competing to destroy friendships using a wide array of absurd items in the board mode.

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Dead In Vinland

Dead In Vinland Free PC Download

Dead In Vinland is an Action, RPG and Simulation game for PC published by Playdius, Plug In Digital in 2018. Get involved in a nice story with battles!

Dead In Vinland PC Game 2018 Overview:

A moderately intricate game, with vastly different difficulties for anyone who just wants to see the interesting story and dialogue options.

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Highway Blossoms

Highway Blossoms Free PC Download

Highway Blossoms is a Casual game for PC published by Sekai Project in 2016. Be involved in the relationship of two young girls!

Highway Blossoms PC Game 2016 Overview:

The protagonist and her love interest, Amber and Marina, become endearing as their desert treasure hunt goes on, by the end of the game, you will genuinely feel moved by their relationship.

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Old School Musical

Old School Musical Free PC Download

Old School Musical is an Action and Adventure game for PC published by Playdius, Plug In Digital in 2018. Watch characters perform things!

Old School Musical PC Game 2018 Overview:

A rhythm reaction game stuffed full of nostalgia and chiptunes. There is plenty of content to keep you occupied here with around fifty chiptune songs.

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