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ASTRONEER PC Game Free Download

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ASTRONEER is an Adventure, Sci-fi and Open World game for PC published by System Era Softworks in 2016. Explore the outer space.

ASTRONEER PC Game 2016 Overview:

You will play as an astronaut in the 25th century where humans want to discover the other planets. Can you discover new things faster than the others?

(v21.04.2021 Update added)

ASTRONEER PC Game Free Download

There is a spaceship prepared for you to explore the environments. Explore and reshape distant worlds! Astroneer is set during a 25th century gold rush where players must explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments for the chance of striking it rich. On this adventure, a player’s most useful tool is their ability to shape their world, altering the terrain and extracting valuable resources from planets, and moons.

Resources can be traded or crafted into new tools, vehicles, and modules to create everything from massive industrial bases to mobile rover bases. What does this mean? It means that Astroneer is still very early in its development. We’ve designed Astroneer from the ground-up to be a game that is developed in Early Access. When you first play the game, you will notice that the core gameplay is there but that we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Features of ASTRONEER:

  • Reshape terrain as though it were made of Play-Doh.
  • Survive on and explore procedurally generated planets that can be entirely deformed and traversed
  • Build vehicles and travel to new planets and moons
  • Snap together components and objects to create custom vehicles and modules

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: X64 Dual Core CPU, 2+ GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Discrete GPU with 1 GB Ram
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

File Size : 2.39 & 2.30 & 2.05 & 2.44 & 2.25 & 2.08 & 0.15 & 0.13 & 0.13 & 0.14 & 0.14 & 0.13 & 2.19 & 1.16 & 0.94 & 1.19 & 1.18 & 0.89 & 0.86 & 0.62 & 0.69 & 0.49 & 0.57 & 0.65 & 0.44 & 0.48 & 0.48 GB

v21.04.2021 Direct Download Link

v1.18.68.0 Direct Download Link

v1.16.70.0 Direct Download Link

v1.15.55.0 Direct Download Link

Automation v1.13.121.0 Direct Download Link

v1.10.97.0 Direct Download Link

v1.1.3.0 Direct Download Link

v1.1 Direct Download Link

v1.0.15 Direct Download Link (Needs the final version)

v1.0.13 Direct Download Link (Needs the final version)

v1.0.9 Direct Download Link (Needs the final version)

v1.0.7 Direct Download Link (Needs the final version)

v1.0.6 Direct Download Link (Needs the final version)

v1.0.4 Direct Download Link (Needs the final version)

Final version Direct Download Link

v0.10.5.0 Direct Download Link

v0.10.1.0 Direct Download Link

v0.10.1.0 Direct Download Link

v0.9.0.0 Direct Download Link

v0.7.0.0 Direct Download Link

v0.6.5.0 Direct Download Link

v0.5.0.0 Direct Download Link

v0.4.10223.0 Direct Download Link

v0.3.10200.0 Direct Download Link

v0.3.10196.0 Direct Download Link

v0.3.10182.0 Direct Download Link

v0.3.10155 Direct Download Link

v0.2.111.0 Direct Download Link

Direct Download Link


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  1. ‘It is not found any file specified for ISArcExtract’ ?
    solution – 1] Increase the Amount of Virtual Memory or Page File
    2] Replace IsDone.dll & unArc.dll files to fix IsArcExtract Error
    3] Re-register the Isdone.dll and unArc.dll Files
    4.Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall to fix IsArcExtract Error
    5.Try installing the game in the Safe Mode

  2. My Astroneer 1.18 update is not working, I downloaded the “update” from this site but it was the same version I used previously (1.16) update. I checked for the new features added to 1.18 but after I downloaded it I check and seemed like I had none of the features, please check on this.


  3. I did the ‘v1.18.68.0 Direct Download Link’ by the way

  4. I get to the setup thing, however when I press the Install button to finish the setup, it shows ‘It is not found any file specified for ISArcExtract’
    What to do?

  5. 1.18 link broken – points to 1.16

  6. help please help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help
    when i start the game it stucked in loading solar system how i fix this
    admin please respond

  7. Why cant i send the links to friends lmao