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    Stardew Valley PC Game Free Download

    22 January 2018 , by Ali

    Stardew Valley is a Simulation, RPG and Time Management game for PC published by Chucklefish in 2016. Your grandfather’s farm is yours now.

    Stardew Valley PC Game 2016 Overview:

    But it has turned into a overgrown field full of useless things. Can you make a big change on this farm to start a new? We shall see!

    (v1.2.33 Update added)


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    Cook Serve Delicious 2 Free Download

    14 January 2018 , by Ali

    Cook Serve Delicious 2 is a Simulation, Strategy and Time Management game for PC published by Vertigo Gaming Inc in 2017. Prepare to serve new foods.

    Cook Serve Delicious 2 PC Game 2017 Overview:

    As some of you may have experienced the first version of this game, It was so exciting to cook. This new version includes lots of new recipes for fans.


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    Doki Doki Literature Club Free Download

    12 January 2018 , by Ali

    Doki Doki Literature Club is a Casual and Adventure game for PC published by Team Salvato in 2017. One of the best dating simulators is here.

    Doki Doki Literature Club PC Game 2017 Overview:

    This is about writing your own poems or novels in an amazing game. You can also explore lots of other novels and stories to make them

    (Fan Pack Included)


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    Production Line PC Game Free Download

    11 January 2018 , by Ali

    Production Line is a Simulation, Strategy and Time Management game for PC published by Positech Games in 2017. Control lots of companies together.

    Production Line PC Game 2017 Overview:

    As you may noticed, You have to handle hundreds of workers at the same time. It may seem so hard but you will learn to become a great manager.

    (v1.42 Update added)


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    They Are Billions PC Game Free Download

    8 January 2018 , by Ali

    They Are Billions is a Strategy and Time Management game for PC published by Numantian Games in 2017. Kill thousands of infected creatures.

    They Are Billions PC Game 2017 Overview:

    At the same time, You can shoot at lots of them to gain scores. Sometimes, The number of these creatures will go so much higher that you won’t be able to afford it.


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