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    The House Free PC Download

    22 July 2015 , by Jack

    The House is a Survival Horror, Action and Adventure game for PC published by Konsordo in 2014. Explore an old house inside the darkness.

    The House PC Game 2014 Overview:

    They force you to search inside this house. Now, You have to find some items at this place. The players also have to survive!


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    Depths of Fear Knossos Free Download

    30 May 2015 , by Jack

    Depths of Fear Knossos is an Action, Adventure and Horror game for PC published by Digital Tribe in 2014. Explore tombs in ancient Greece.

    Depths of Fear Knossos PC Game 2014 Overview:

    This game has stealth elements too. Take the control of character named Theseus. He is the legendary hero of Athens with great powers.


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    The Curse of Blackwater Free Download

    23 April 2015 , by Jack

    The Curse of Blackwater is a Survival Horror game published by Dark Pathogen Studios for PC in 2013. A doll wants to kill you in a bad way!

    The Curse of Backwater PC Game 2013 Overview:

    You are a paranormal investigator, David Jones who is visiting a Maternity Hospital. After arriving there, You found that there is mysterious creature.


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