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RPG Simulation Time Management

Stardew Valley PC Game Free Download

Stardew Valley is a Simulation, RPG and Time Management game for PC published by Chucklefish in 2016. Your grandfather’s farm is yours now.

Stardew Valley PC Game 2016 Overview:

But it has turned into a overgrown field full of useless things. Can you make a big change on this farm to start a new? We shall see!

(v1.4.5 Update added)

Stardew Valley PC Game Free Download

First of all, You need to remove the farm from the useless things. When you finished your work in the first level, The farm will be ready for seeding. You can plant anything you want to produce lots of new things on this farm. You’re not locked in your farm at Stardew Valley. It means that you can explore other environments of the village. You can collect new items to use them in crafting. Actually, You’re free to do everything in this beautiful village.

You need to earn some money to finish your missions in this simulation game. It’s possible to sell your productions on the store easily. The players can also buy other productions to extend the professional farming. There are some characters that you can talk them about your work or such things. They may be really helpful in some fields. They might need your help in the future too. So, You should have perfect relationships with the people who are living in the town.

If you want to discover everything in Stardew Valley, You will need hundreds of hours! Because this is a really extensive title in its genres. It has lots of positive reviews submitted by the players or the critics. 88/100 is its average meta on Metacritic!

Features of Stardew Valley:

    • Make a lively farm out of the overgrown fields of your grandfather
    • Learn everything about farming to earn money in that way
    • Explore other areas of the town to find new items
  • Sell your items or craft them to have new items in your collection

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista or greater
  • Processor: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 mb video memory, shader model 3.0+
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

File Size : 373.97 & 341.21 & 373.66 & 518.17 & 391.45 & 351.65 & 452.68 & 453.24 & 453.12 & 387.75 & 379.29 & 383.83 & 328.53 & 301.13 & 349.77 MB

v1.4.5 Direct Download Link

v1.4.4 Direct Download Link

v1.4.3 Direct Download Link

v1.4.2 Direct Download Link

v1.3.36 Direct Download Link

v1.3.35 Direct Download Link

v1.3.32.3 Direct Download Link

v1.3.28 Direct Download Link

v1.3.27 Direct Download Link

v1.3.17 Direct Download Link

v1.3.11 Direct Download Link

v1.3.5 Direct Download Link

v1.2.33 Direct Download Link

v1.2.29 Direct Download Link

Direct Download Link


File Password :

Game’s Page on Steam

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  1. guys, everyone gets that problem: The Password.
    Just copy and paste it to password:

  2. questionasker69 - February 29, 2020 at 7:04 pm - Reply

    can we add mods here or?

    • I think it’s possible, but I can’t guarantee it.
      What I know is that:
      – Mods can be installed on Android version
      – It’s easy to export save files from Android / iOS to PC, and viceversa
      Soooooooo….. You could export your save file from PC to an Android with a modded version, then “boost” yourself with the mod, save the game, and then you export your new save file to your PC to get advantages…

      But I warn you: installing mods like unlimited gold makes the game way more boring…
      The best thing would be to “survive” with at least a friend (up to 4 players), hosting your game in local LAN or over the Internet.

    • You can.
      And mods are easier to install in here than into the Steam version.

  3. 03/03/2020 update for 1.4.4 stardew valley contains trojan horse please take caution

  4. I downloaded and tried opening everything in the unzipped file, nothing opened. I then unzipped all files then tried to open each one, still no dice. I entered the password as prompted but there is no file to open the game? Is there something I’m missing? This is the newest version I downloaded.
    I’m not sure what’s going on.

    • 1) Version 1.4.4+: after you extract the files, you need to install the game (it’s a .exe file)
      2) After you installed it, if Stardew Valley.exe doesn’t work, you should be sure to have Microsoft XNA Framework installed.
      Here’s the link:

      I hope this helps!

      • lundquistbrett - March 25, 2020 at 4:00 am -

        Ok, so I redownloaded the latest file as well as downloaded the Microsoft XNA Framework.
        the only files I have are bassmod.dll,, simplex (with an internet explorer icon), SIMPLEX (with a paper and a gear icon, Simplex (with a computer monitor icon), and unarc. I don’t see any stardew.exe file anywhere. This is again after I unzipped each file.
        Where and how do I install this .exe file?

    • Just use the SIMPLEX installer to install it! As default, the game will be installed in C://SiMPLEX.Release.Name//Stardew Valley , and that’s the folder you’ll need. It should create a Desktop shortcut as well, but, if it doesn’t, that’s the default location.

      I hope this helps.

  5. Stardew.exe doesn’t work. I’ve ran everything as an Administrator.
    Have I missed something?
    Are there more requirements?
    I’ve got DirectX 12…

  6. 1.44 doesn’t work, try 1.43 think that works

    • Not even 1.4.3 worked for me.

      But after a research I finally realized why.
      Thanks to others’ suggestion, I downloaded and installed Microsoft XNA Framework, and now it works. 1.4.4 works as well now!
      Here’s the link:

  7. Stardew-Valley-v1.4.3 100% works

    • It doesn’t work if you haven’t installed Microsoft XNA Framework.
      But indeed 1.4.3 it’s easier to handle, since there’s no installer.

  8. help! whenever i click on the direct download link it just takes me to the homepage. i have installed the ms xnf framework and still nothing

    • same here, i just wish that it’s because they’re fixing the virus issue that the others had said(if there’s any)

  9. For some reason, when I try to download 1.4.4, 1.4.3 or 1.4.2, the tab that opens in blank and nothing happens, when I tried to just use direct download, it worked after a bit, but I cant even download 1.4.4, is the 1.4.4 download link just the update or the whole game? And is just the direct download just the first version? Some features dont work when I try to play.

  10. I found two Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!rfn files in this game. good thing windows security was able to stop it. download at your own risk people.

  11. Guys if you enjoy the game, consider buying it. It’s usually very cheap and the guy (it was made by ONE person) made the game with lots of love and gives us updates adding free stuff every now and then. I have downloaded hundreds of games but with this one I just had to buy it after some time. If you like the genre and have a friend to play with, you will really enjoy it.

  12. lewdblueberry - May 22, 2020 at 6:23 pm - Reply

    Something wrong with the 1.4.4 version there is no game in the files

  13. password incorrect

  14. jakie jest hasło do gry bo zainstalowalem i nie moge wejsc odpowiedzcie prosze :C

  15. Where you can see your IP?

  16. Does it work the multiplayer¿

  17. The password isn’t working .I have tried both and http:\\ but it keeps showing wrong password.

  18. I shared this link with my friend so we could Co-op together so she installed it but we couldn’t play together, may I ask if the Co-op works?

  19. why is there no sound :(

  20. StardewValleyLOVE - July 29, 2020 at 12:53 pm - Reply

    Hi everyone. Can someone please help me to, transfer my mobile save file into pc, cant see any save folder file the computer version please someone.