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Action Sci-fi

Half-Life GOTY Free Download

Half-Life GOTY is an Action and Sci-fi game for PC published by Valve in 1998. The game of the year edition of Hal-Life is here!

Half-Life GOTY PC Game 1998 Overview:

The aliens are exterminating Earth with their powers. No one has the ability to stop them. Will you be the honorable hero in our planet?

Half-Life GOTY Free Download

The main character of the game is named Gordon Freeman. He is a physicist who wants to protect Earth against the aliens. Although he doesn’t have enough power to stop all of them in a short time, You should help him. The player can take the roll of this brave character at Half-Life GOTY. The condition on the planet is really terrible. The people are escaping from the areas that are under control of the aliens. Now, You should get a weapon to defeat all of them.

If you do your duties as well, The humanity will exist. Otherwise, The aliens will take the control of all Earth by themselves. In that case, There won’t be any human on this beautiful planet. Remember that only some of your missions will be on Earth. The others are in the aliens’ planets. You should go directly into their main base. There are many types of guns to choose. The players can purchase all of them by collecting scores. Some of the weapons are really hard to get.

Because you need to finish dangerous missions to get them. Half-Life GOTY is one of the greatest action games of the history up to now. It has 96/100 average score in Metacritic. They users of this website have also rated it 9.1/10 averagely. It has won more than fifty game of the year awards in 1998.

Features of Half-Life GOTY:

  • Play as a physicist named Gordon Freeman
  • Save Earth from the dangers
  • Defend against the aliens to be the real hero
  • Purchase new weapons to fight much better

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: 500 mhz processor
  • Memory: 96mb ram
  • Graphics: 16mb video card
  • DirectX: Version 9
  • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
  • CD-KEY: 1221-98046-6741

File Size : 276.52 MB

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File Password :

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  1. 2335-40262-8334

  2. WORKING CD KEY: 1221-98046-6741

  3. billy big noes - February 18, 2021 at 8:05 pm - Reply

    it takes a long ass time just to download 300 MB but a free game is a free game

  4. What is the Cd key

  5. Either google a CD key like you did for this game and no one will complain

  6. nevermind im retarded and didnt see the password

  7. in order to run anything, i need a password that isn’t a cd key, help

  8. It does work on Windows 10 i can confirm that