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    Craft The World Free Download

    4 December 2016 , by Ali

    Craft The World is a RPG, Strategy and Simulation game for PC published by Black Maple Games in 2014. Enter dark and dangerous mines.

    Craft The World PC Game 2014 Overview:

    As the developers said, This game is inspired by titles like Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress. Actually, It’s a mixed game from them.

    (v1.3.004 inclduing Sisters in Arms DLC added)


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    Cities in Motion 2 Free Download

    3 December 2016 , by Ali

    Cities in Motion 2 is a Simulation and Strategy game for PC published by Paradox Interactive in 2013. Take the control of the transit systems.

    Cities in Motion 2 PC Game 2013 Overview:

    You’re the main engineer of a big city at this game. You have to control all of the transmission systems of this city which are so much detailed.

    (Collection DLC added)


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    Townsmen PC Game Free Download

    2 December 2016 , by Ali

    Townsmen is a Simulation, Strategy and Casual game for PC published by Headup Games in 2016. Build your own village in different ages.

    Townsmen PC Game 2016 Overview:

    You can start it by creating a farm in an empty space. There will be only a few villagers to help you in the first level of this strategy game.


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    8-Bit Armies Free Download

    30 November 2016 , by Ali

    8-Bit Armies is a Strategy and Simulation game for PC published by Petroglyph in 2016. Prepare yourself to be the leader of an army.

    8-Bit Armies PC Game 2016 Overview:

    Your main duty is to defend against hundreds of attackers by your army. The whole city is in a big war. Your people should be out of this battle.

    (Update 20 including all DLCs added)


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    Sol 0 Mars Colonization Free Download

    28 November 2016 , by Ali

    Sol 0 Mars Colonization is a Simulation, Strategy and Sci-fi game for PC published by Chondrite Games in 2016. Create a martian colony!

    Sol 0 Mars Colonization PC Game 2016 Overview:

    You will have a chance to build your own colony on Mars. You should stay for some months on this planet. But it’s not easy to make a living.

    (v1.04 Update added)


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