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    Hero Siege PC Game Free Download

    13 December 2017 , by Ali

    Hero Siege is an Action, RPG and Adventure game for PC published by Panic Art Studios in 2017. Explore different types of zones on your journey.

    Hero Siege PC Game 2017 Overview:

    You will face a hug world which includes hundreds of enemies inside. If you want to become more and more powerful, Defeating the enemies is the best way.

    (v2.1.0.0 Update added)


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    Portal Knights PC Game Free Download

    9 December 2017 , by Ali

    Portal Knights is a RPG, Adventure and Open World game for PC published by 505 Games in 2017. Play as a knight in a magical world.

    Portal Knights PC Game 2017 Overview:

    A knight character can be chosen by players at first. Then, You need to make him/her a powerful character to fight enemy characters such as dragons.


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    Firewatch PC Game Free Download

    8 December 2017 , by Ali

    Firewatch is an Adventure, Casual and Open World game for PC published by Campo Santo in 2017. Explore the mysterious forest freely.

    Firewatch PC Game 2017 Overview:

    Players will face an enormous forest which includes thousands of objects. If you want to make a living in this place, You need to learn a lot.


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    Human Fall Flat PC Game Free Download

    7 December 2017 , by Ali

    Human Fall Flat is an Adventure and Puzzle game for PC published by Curve Digital in 2016. Control a normal human named Bob.

    Human Fall Flat PC Game 2016 Overview:

    He doesn’t have any superpower that he can do unnatural things in the environments. You have to play as him to invent lots of unbelievable items.

    (Holidays Update added)


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    Slime Rancher PC Game Free Download

    5 December 2017 , by Ali

    Slime Rancher is an Action, Adventure and Simulation game for PC published by Monomi Park in 2017. Prepare your arcade gun.

    Slime Rancher PC Game 2017 Overview:

    The life out of Earth seems easy in this game! But you need to take the control of cute creatures on the other planet.

    (v1.1.1_16749 Update added)


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