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Action Adventure RPG

Vader Immortal Episode I Free Download

Vader Immortal Episode I is an Action, Adventure and RPG game for PC published by Disney Electronic Content, Inc. in 2019. A blazing world!

Vader Immortal Episode I PC Game 2019 Overview:

Move inside a universe far, far beyond your imagination and become a smuggler working near Mustafar.

Vader Immortal Episode I Free Download

Many of the things you do in Vader Immortal aren’t ‘gamey’ things, though. When Vader hands you an ancient artifact and tells you to open it, for example, there isn’t a progress-halting puzzle to figure out; you just open it. Ripping off wall panels to hotwire elevators and cell doors is much the same thing. It feels cool to twist knobs and flick switches, but the experience is mostly unconcerned with fail states and scoreboards. Its interaction is always in service to the experience and not a hurdle in front of it. It wants emotion with none of the barriers to entry.

Facing down the dark lord is one of many incredible moments in Vader Immortal’s 45 minute run time. He emerges in similar fashion to his big screen debut, authoritatively strides over to you and then bathes you in his sinister shadow, a hulking mass of machine and muscle. You can’t see his eyes, but somehow those empty, soulless substitutes on his mask pierce through you all the same. It is, to be frank, utterly terrifying. Vader Immortal is all about bringing these kinds of iconic moments to life, and it does so with aplomb.

Developer ILMxLAB has spoken of this as an immersion-driven experience, one that merges games and narrative in hopes of establishing new language for VR. Yes, it has cinematic lightsaber combat that’s (almost) as good as you’d hoped, but it’s just as concerned with place, interaction and, most importantly, connection.

Features of Vader Immortal Episode I:

  • Fully considers VR for completely immersive narrative
  • Strong narrative and design
  • Brilliant wave-based combat mode

Minimum System Requirements:

The game’s official system requirements are not known yet.

File Size: 7.44 GB

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  2. Does Not work…
    the game open and close..