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Tag: Text-Based RPG game

Kuroinu Redux

Kuroinu Redux PC Game Free Download

Kuroinu Redux is an Action, Adventure, and Shooter game for PC published by Shiravune in 2023. Violation, humiliation, coercion!

Kuroinu Redux PC Game 2023 Overview:

In a fantasy world, many high-pride heroines got lewd actions mainly humiliating. Various and specific fetish situations exist. JP HQ anime artwork with stunning voices.

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Lightracer Spark
RPGStrategyTime Management

Lightracer Spark PC Game Free Download

Lightracer Spark is a Time Management, RPG, and Strategy game for PC published by Smartmelon Games in 2023. It’s a science fiction narrative game!

Lightracer Spark PC Game 2023 Overview:

You are a descendant of a high civilisation who has been to other alien worlds. Either lead living things to success or put out any potential fires. Build your strength by making decisions and using tactics to understand the rise and fall of all civilizations.

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Slobbish Dragon Princess 3

Slobbish Dragon Princess 3 Free Download

Slobbish Dragon Princess 3 is an Action, Adventure, and Casual game for PC published by Sekai Project in 2023. When humans and dragons learn to live in harmony, the peace has mostly returned!

Slobbish Dragon Princess 3 PC Game 2023 Overview:

Takeru would prefer that things remain the same because the local summer celebration is quickly coming. As anticipated, Mei, the dragon princess of the Underworld, comes as a fresh menace.

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Wayhaven Chronicles Book Three

Wayhaven Chronicles Book Three Free Download

Wayhaven Chronicles Book Three is an Adventure, Casual, and RPG game for PC published by Hosted Games in 2023. The letter sequel goes on!

Wayhaven Chronicles Book Three PC Game 2023 Overview:

Your choices will determine who is a friend or adversary, who will know your secrets, and how the relationship you have with a particular vampire develops.

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懒人修仙传2 PC Game Free Download

懒人修仙传2 is a Simulation, Casual, and RPG game for PC published by 托更的修罗 in 2022. This is a text placement game, just a few easy clicks of the mouse!

懒人修仙传2 PC Game 2022 Overview:

You can experience from the mortal flesh, soar into the immortal process of the game, free your hands, no longer spend meaningless time in the fight to fight monsters on the practice, you just need to adjust how to match skills, how to choose the loot.

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