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    Monument Builders Alcatraz Free Download

    15 May 2015 , by Ali

    Monument Builders Alcatraz is a Time Management and Casual game for PC published by Gravity Europe SAS in 2014. Meet the famous prison.

    Monument Builders Alcatraz PC Game 2014 Overview:

    Alcatraz is the name of the most famous jail in the united stats. Enter this place to build it completely. Lloyd Andrews is the main character of this version.


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    Industry Empire Free Download

    11 May 2015 , by Ali

    Industry Empire is a Time Management, Strategy and Simulation game for PC published by rondomedia GmbH in 2014. Work as an industrial employer.

    Industry Empire PC Game 2014 Overview:

    Take the control of a small city. Hire workers to create new buildings. Change the whole city and make it a modern one. As a manager, There are lots of duties for player.


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