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    Slay the Spire PC Game Free Download

    24 January 2019 , by Jack

    Slay the Spire is a RPG and Strategy game for PC published by Mega Crit Games in 2017. Prepare your cards to attack the enemies!

    Slay the Spire PC Game 2017 Overview:

    Your hero needs lots of powerful cards to be able to defeat the enemy targets. There are lots of dangerous creatures on the way.

    (v1.0 Final version added)


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    Hand of Fate 2 Free PC Download

    16 October 2018 , by Harry

    Hand of Fate 2 is an RPG and Action game for PC published by Defiant Development in 2017. Draw your cards, play your hand and discover your fate!

    Hand of Fate 2 PC Game 2017 Overview:

    Get skilled in a living boardgame of totally replayable quests, unlock new cards, build your adventure, then defeat your foes in brutal combats!


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