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Super Street Fighter IV is an action and fighting game published by Camcpom for PC in 2010. Get ready for fight with your own characters!

Super Street Fighter IV PC Game 2010 Overview:

Again you should face the fighters and enter an violent environment to have a chance for defeating enemies. Get experience in fights and pass all the levels one by one.

Super Street Fighter IV Free Download

This Game has 3D Backgrounds but Characters are in 2D and the graphics have been improved after Street Fighter IV. You have 30 choices to choose your fighter but for start, You just have access to one of them. By defeating one enemy, you will be able to pick that one too. Every fighter has a powerful impact which is named Ultra Combo. This impacts can make so much damage on your opponent and even kill him/her.

Your aim in all of the competitions is to lower your opponents Health point and ward off the incoming damages. Every game has two rounds and if you want to finish the level, You should win both of these rounds. Arcade Mode is another name of story mode in Super Street Fighter IV which you can enter it and enjoy your fights. In this part, You can only play with one character until the end of the story and you can’t change it. Free Mode is the popular part of the Street Fighter series and it is also available on this version too. This version has good graphics and the gameplay is much better than before.

You will have limited time to win or lose and if this time finishes, the player whose HP is lower than the other, will lose the game. So you should be careful about time to, if you want to be the winner. Also defending against opponent’s attacks are very important and the health point won’t change in that case.

Features of Super Street Fighter IV :

– Impressive fighting system

– Includes all the street fighter series’ characters

– Nice graphics and sound effects

– Unlocking new items by finishing the levels

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8

CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.0GHz or higher

RAM: 1GB RAM or higher

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce6600 series, ATI Radeon(TM) X1600 or higher or higher, DirectX 9.0c/Shader3.0 or higher compatible, VRAM 256MB or higher

Directx: 9.0c

File Size : 365.84 MB

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File Password : www.freegamesdl.net

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