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Action Adventure RPG

She Will Punish Them PC Game Free Download

She Will Punish Them is an Action, Adventure and RPG game for PC published by KK Softworks in 2020. Save the world!

She Will Punish Them PC Game 2020 Overview:

Control a hot lady kinght warrior who is going to face various monsters and enemies in a dark world.

(v0.990 Update added)

She Will Punish Them PC Game Free Download

The equipment armor value has been changed. My original 18 armor is now 8-point armor. The wrist shoes have been changed from 5 points to 4 points. Some clothing armor has been increased, and the most important point The equipment price has been lowered, but high armor equipment is more expensive to buy from the store!
For example the original two pieces of clothing originally sent were originally 500+ gold coins, but now there are dozens of gold coins. Buying 18 armor clothes from the store requires more than 1w gold coins. Only 5000+ gold coins can be used before the update. It ’s hard to feel. A store was deleted at home. The original three stores are now deleted in the corner.
Now being beaten by a monster will interrupt your actions, which means that if you are surrounded by a group of monsters and hit you, you may not even be able to fight back. You ca n’t fight back if you are interrupted by the action, and then you will be killed. Chinese finished is more perfect, much stronger than the last version.

Features of She Will Punish Them:

  • They are all pornographic, why can’t they have breast shake
  • The action of taking the weapon is too ugly, bow your back
  • With more custom pinch people and clothes
  • The equipment has a single attribute, some of the equipment has little meaning, and the ring has no attribute. Why should it exist?

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3210M CPU
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 4 GB VRAM

File Size: 5.05 & 4.91 & 2.4 GB


Part1 Direct Download Link

Part2 Direct Download Link

Part3 Direct Download Link


Part1 Direct Download Link

Part2 Direct Download Link

Part3 Direct Download Link


Direct Download Link


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Game’s Page on Steam

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  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R - January 2, 2023 at 4:36 pm - Reply

    where the hell is part 3?we need part 3 for extract last version

  2. password not working, and yes I know the password