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Sabbat of the Witch Free PC Download

Sabbat of the Witch is an Adventure, Casual and Simulation game for PC published by NekoNyan Ltd. in 2018. A start of something new!

Sabbat of the Witch PC Game 2018 Overview:

Get involved in an interesting visual novel of a witch who, he has the skill to perceive others emotions.

Sabbat of the Witch Free PC Download

Hoshina Shuuji has a secret: He has a mysterious power that allows him to perceive the emotions of others. One of Shuuji’s classmates, Ayachi Nene, likewise has her own grave secret. She will randomly experience periods of strong arousal, something which she has no control over. The two of them had nothing to do with one another beyond just being classmates, until one day, when Shuuji stumbled upon a scene that defied his wildest imaginations. Following that one accident, two strangers became friends, They bonded with one another through their shared secret, and from this, Shuuji came to learn about certain things. That is, not only about the reason for Nene’s random “fits,” but also about the existence of people called “witches”—

Nene’s secret actions as a “witch,” and the “fits” she goes through because of that serving as the magnet, a junior, an upperclassman, and a transfer student all congregate together. Shuuji’s once normal life is thrown into chaos, and with that, a certain faint hope wells up inside of him: “Maybe this will be the start of something new.”

Features of Sabbat of the Witch:

  • Lighthearted yet surprisingly dranatic romance story
  • Well-designed main character who is more than just your heneric protagonist
  • High number of vocal songs coupled with a caried and memorable arrangement of background music
  • Routes for four fantastic heroines and also one side heroine

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP or newer
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 4 GB available space

File Size: 3.43 GB

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