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Adventure Open World RPG

Keplerth PC Game Free Download

Keplerth is an Adventure, RPG and Open World game for PC published by TARO in 2018. Can you survive in a world full of dangers?

Keplerth PC Game 2018 Overview:

You will face a different world than Earth. Lots of things have got destroyed by aliens on this planet.

Keplerth PC Game Free Download

“You woke up and found yourself lying in a hibernation pod. You can gather resources, craft useful items, build your own home, tame wild animals, fight strange creatures to survive in this dangerous world.”

Your ship crashes and you’re introduced to Keplerth by your ship’s AI, followed by forcing your way out of your cryogenic chamber with nothing; no clothes, no tools, no food. Salvage the ship, however, and you’ll make up for the food at the very least. From there, you gather. Simple, right? At the start it is; the game quickly ramps up on mob numbers making it an almost chore to want to gather anything and night time is the worst to do anything outside of your home. Still, the crafting is very simple and bland (currently) and the exploration is there. Combat is fun and rewarding, not too tedious (minus gathering), and simple.

This game is what people wanted when they asked for pawn control for RimWorld (and multiplayer should it get added). It’s [very] obvious where TARO drew their inspiration from and that’s no doubt what they’re banking on for selling the game. That aside, however, Keplerth is a fun, cute little game that has massive potential. It seems a tad.. bare to me for now but the game did just release 3 days before this review.

Features of Keplerth:

  • Randomly generated endless world map
  • Underground exploration
  • Lots of weapons, clothes and constructions
  • Lots of creatures, animals, and bosses

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 600 MB available space

File Size : 145.84 MB

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