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Grand Theft Auto London 1969 and 1961 Free Download

Grand Theft Auto London 1969 and 1961 is an Action and Adventure game for PC published by Rockstar Games in 1998. Tame the fastest cars!

Grand Theft Auto London 1969 and 1961 PC Game 1998 Overview:

Drive different vehicles around America’s several finest cities. Only the skilled will be able to tame the quickest cars.

Grand Theft Auto London 1969 PC Game Free Download

The game was released to mixed reviews. GameRankings, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100, calculated an average score of 75% based on nine reviews for the Microsoft Windows version, while the PlayStation port scored 69% based on eleven reviews.

The expansion was generally seen as having very little in the way of improving upon the original Grand Theft Auto. Jeff Gerstmann of GameSpot thought the game “still manages to be reasonably fun” but concluded it “really doesn’t hold a candle to GTA’s original three cities”. Ron Dulin, also of GameSpot, found “there isn’t much new in this game other than cosmetic changes and that “all of the gameplay problems [from the base game] remain”. He criticized the lack of development citing “poor control, frustrating mission design, and mediocre graphics”. A reviewer for Eurogamer agreed to say “like the original game, is not a great looker.

In contrast to the controls and visuals, the audio was universally well received. IGN’s Doug Perry declared it “the very best attraction to GTA London [with] its accurate, retro ’60s sound”. Now you can download and play this game for free in freegamesdl.

Features of Grand Theft Auto London 1969 and 1961:

  • YDo youwant realism? Here you can die from 1 single shot!
  • Fast action
  • Dark humor
  • Machineguns

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: DOS 6.0, Windows 95, Windows 98
  • Processor: 75 MHz Pentium or equivalent
  • Memory: 16 Mb of RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 80 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • Video Card: 1MB VESA compatible SVGA graphics card
  • Sound: Sound Card

File Size: 720.20 MB

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  1. Thank you very much for publishing this content, I’ve been looking for ways to play gta london 1961 so many times, downloading it again and again from different sources, trying to run it online, basically looking like crazy, another problem is that when I downloaded it (that it was executed in windows without more) it moved pulling, bone, frying (I hope to give me to stay here).
    I saw that it could run in DOS and look for information (apparently not the necessary one) but since I am not very expert using DOS, I asked myself “why is not it executed? Why does it say error? What is the problem ?!”.

    Now that if I could execute without any problem I am quite excited and happy, since the GTA london 1961 and 1969 are the only GTA that I need to complete my gta collection completed haha.
    PS: you have to notice but I’m a fan.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to play and complete this game (1961 specifically).

    – Unnecessary data: the Gta london 1961 is why I was so desperate because I only remain on PC, while the ‘london 1969’ if it is for ps1.
    -PD2 (another unnecessary data): I had to use the google translator because my English is too bad to write these long letters

  2. Thanks, this is the only one that worked, after downloading many different gta’s.