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Battle Fleet 2

Battle Fleet 2 Free Download

Battle Fleet 2 is a Simulation and Strategy game for PC published by Mythical City Games in 2015. The battle between fleets has started.

Battle Fleet 2 PC Game 2015 Overview:

You will be the captain of a fleet in this battle. If you show your skills at this war, You will be promoted to the higher levels in the army.

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Its A Wipe

Its A Wipe Free PC Download

Its A Wipe is a Strategy, Simulation and RPG game for PC published by Parody Games in 2014. The deadly battles have been started yet.

Its A Wipe PC Game 2014 Overview:

You need to choose a tribe at first. There are nine choices for the players. When you got one of them, The tutorial part will get started.

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Air Brawl

Air Brawl PC Game Free Download

Air Brawl is an Action and Simulation game for PC published by Landfall Games in 2015. The air battles are about to be started.

Air Brawl PC Game 2015 Overview:

You will have the control of a fighter airplane to complete the missions. If you are ready for it, Don’t miss the time and start the game.

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Deserter Simulator

Deserter Simulator Free Download

Deserter Simulator is a Racing, Simulation and Action game for PC published by Zoo Corporation in 2015. Choose your motorbike for races.

Deserter Simulator PC Game 2015 Overview:

Although there aren’t so many races in the city, You have to get ready for them by training. The players can do acrobatic movements to get high scores.

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The Terminal 2

The Terminal 2 Free Download

The Terminal 2 is a Simulation and Strategy game for PC published by FrameLineNetwork Kft in 2014. Get ready to control an airport!

The Terminal 2 PC Game 2014 Overview:

The player will take the control of a small airport at first. There is only one airplane at this airport. Because of that, There are only a few customers who travel by this plane.

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