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Action Adventure Hack and Slash RPG

A Violent Revelry PC Game Free Download

A Violent Revelry is an Action, Adventure, and RPG game for PC published by Julian Edison in 2022. A simple cheat sheet of Hack And Slash!

A Violent Revelry PC Game 2022 Overview:

Discover a procedurally created world while absurdly expanding your strength. heavy on mechanics and filled to the brim with purposeful, chaotic bladeplay. Join in the fun!

A Violent Revelry PC Game Free Download

Run around hitting people and be rewarded for it! Swing, thrust, dodge, parry, block, push, lead, sneak, cast, burn, freeze, poison, shock, stun, crit, and fail your way through increasingly difficult scenarios as the world adapts to your presence.

Pretty much In Celebration of Violence 2 (it helps a LOT if you have played ICoV before this one) without the meta progression (so far). Initial difficulty is pretty brutal until you figure out how to progress. You’d need to either enjoy figuring stuff out for yourself and failing a lot in the beginning, or hook up on Discord and ask away to get some primers.

The previous game, In Celebration of Violence, is very good. This game, while needing some heavy, heavy work, will probably end up also being very good. The various systems could definitely use some refining, and if you are looking for a game to play RIGHT NOW, I would say probably go with ICoV instead. Once this gets fixed up some it will be plenty good, and the dev is actively making changes based on the discussions in the forums, so prospects are good!

Features of A Violent Revelry:

  • Items and spells are hidden throughout the procedurally generated world behind locks, recipes, maps, quests, and puzzles.
  • A chest may require information from a distant library to open, magic may require particular circumstances to learn, and nothing remains where it was in the previous playthrough.
  • Pray to the gods and gaze into the Qosmic sky to develop your character with over 80 unique stats that range from simple to ridiculous.
  • Build weapons from scratch using the parts you’ve discovered – each with its own stats to consider – and balance these parts into the weapon’s weight, center of gravity, and resource cost to create something unique to your situation.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10

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