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8-Bit Armies Free Download

8-Bit Armies is a Strategy and Simulation game for PC published by Petroglyph in 2016. Prepare yourself to be the leader of an army.

8-Bit Armies PC Game 2016 Overview:

Your main duty is to defend against hundreds of attackers by your army. The whole city is in a big war. Your people should be out of this battle.

(v0.93.653891 Update added)

8-Bit Armies Free Download

You can train soldiers to be helpful in the battles at 8-Bit Armies. Each soldiers can handle a unique situation in the war. So, They should be trained enough to be successful. Remember that the soldiers aren’t the only fact to reach victory. You can use lots of things such as tanks and helicopters to kill the enemies. You can also choose to be defender or attackers with your powerful army. But most of the missions are based on defensive tactics at 8-Bit Armies.

You can extend your lands by attacking the enemies. In that case, Your army can be much better by using these lands’ benefits. Players can collect lots of resources to grow up at this game. These resources can be used in lots of places. When you finish a battle, You will see some areas that have got damaged so hard. You need to repair the areas by your gained resourced. If you win a battle at this Strategy Simulation game, You will get extra resources too.

All of the environments are designed by pixels. That’s why its name is 8-Bit armies. So, The graphics are simple. But the gameplay is really addicting for the fans of Strategy games.

Features of 8-Bit Armies:

  • Create a powerful army which includes special forces such as soldiers
  • Defend the attackers and attack them in the right time
  • Use lots of equipment and items to get victory in the wars
  • Simple graphics but an amazing gameplay

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista SP2
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 or ATI Radeon HD 3870
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

File Size : 1430 & 714.85 & 514.51 MB

v0.93.653891 Direct Download Link

v618157 Direct Download Link

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  2. Tomorrow can you please do bomberman or cs:go? i would pay but then… i would already have the game XD

    -Your Pal Jazzer

  3. It’s not working. every time i try to open it, it says that steam needs to be open and need to be logged in, i did everything i even put it in steam. nothing is working

  4. U need it to be bought on steam to be played

  5. Downloaded easily, Game wont open however unless steam is running… I open steam and the game still wont load and still gives the “Steam must be running” message.

  6. Doenst start up, PLZ HELP

  7. why does it said that I need a steam account to open the game? if so how can I connect it?

  8. sure ill add bit blaster!!

  9. Hey, I downloaded the game but it keeps saying log into Steam. How do I get around this problem?

  10. Hey, I downloaded this and every time I click to run. It says I need Steam running and logged in. How do I get around this?

    p.s I already own Steam

  11. it just says login to steam before launching

  12. 8 bit armies didnt work clicked clientg.exe, pops up then dissapears

  13. this game is awesome and i alway wanted it its so cool it left me speech least

  14. wont let me play keeps saying i need to be running and logged into steam but i am and wont let me play….. help!!! please

  15. how do i get the game to work every time i click to load it up it always comes up with you need steam to play steam has to be running and logged in even though i am doing these things help!!!!! please

  16. copy crack files into main directory

  17. keeps saying i need steam running but it is

  18. Hello i’ve downloaded 8 bit armies but when im going to open it it says to open my steam
    My steam is open but it keeps saying me the same thing…What i have to do

  19. there is a tutorial on that shows you what to do with the steam problem

  20. I tried to open it with administrator but keeps asking me to update and about a modifier

  21. it keeps asking to modify WTF!

  22. it isnt working

    plz provide a good tutorial

  23. The only thing that is actually opening up is 8 Bit Hordes which isn’t the one I want to play.

  24. Hey Ali please adda a word fo word manual on your pages.

  25. I opened it up fine but it’s not f***ing 8-bit armies it’s 8-bit hordes. WTF Ali!?

  26. There is a problem with steam…