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    Scrap Mechanic Free Download

    14 November 2017 , by Ali

    Scrap Mechanic is an Action, Adventure and Simulation game for PC published by Axolot Games in 2016. Play as an adventurer engineer!

    Scrap Mechanic PC Game 2016 Overview:

    You’re free to explore the environments full of things. But most of the things around you, Are useless. You’re the one who should use them in the right way.

    (v0.2.11 Update added)


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    Running Gods PC Game Free Download

    19 September 2016 , by Ali

    Running Gods is an Action, Adventure and Casual game for PC published by Midnight Games EIRL in 2016. The epic adventure has started!

    Running Gods PC Game 2016 Overview:

    If you’re ready to be in this enjoyable adventure, It’s the time. You can be effective on this epic adventure by picking your favorite god character.


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    Gatling Gears Free Download

    24 February 2016 , by Ali

    Gatling Gears is an Action and Adventure game for PC published by Vanguard Games in 2011. Control a gatling gear pilot in the battles.

    Gatling Gears PC Game 2011 Overview:

    The main character’s name is Max Brawley who has special skills in fighting the robots. The world is getting destroyed by the enemies’ robots.


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    Crow PC Game Free Download

    18 February 2016 , by Ali

    Crow is an Action and Adventure game for PC published by Sunside Inc in 2014. Fly over the environments full of dangerous creatures.

    Crow PC Game 2014 Overview:

    You will play as a flying creature to complete your missions. This crow has some legendary abilities that will be used on your way.


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    Magicians and Looters Free Download

    14 January 2016 , by Ali

    Magicians and Looters is an Action, Adventure and Platformer game for PC published by Morgopolis Studios in 2014. Get ready for rescue.

    Magicians and Looters PC Game 2014 Overview:

    A character named Versimos Beardless gets kidnapped by the evils. Now, You have to control a brave girl who wants to save his life from death.


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