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    Duskers PC Game Free Download

    9 March 2017 , by Ali

    Duskers is a Strategy and Sci-fi game for PC published by Misfits Attic in 2016. The whole world has been turn into a big graveyard!

    Duskers PC Game 2016 Overview:

    There is a few number of humans who have survived. You’re one of the survivors at this game. If you want to stay alive, You need to get on your spaceship.

    (v1.041 Update added)


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    For The King PC Game Free Download

    8 March 2017 , by Ali

    For The King is an Adventure, Strategy and RPG game for PC published by IronOak Games in 2017. The king is murdered recently.

    For The King PC Game 2017 Overview:

    You have to find the person who has done that. The only kingdom in Fahrul is losing its peace because of that. He/She should be found to make everything like the past.


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    Battlestation Harbinger Free Download

    4 March 2017 , by Ali

    Battlestation Harbinger is an Action, Strategy and Simulation game for PC published by Bugbyte Ltd in 2016. Travel to the unknown galaxies.

    Battlestation Harbinger PC Game 2016 Overview:

    You will play as a brave commander to stop the enemies’ destruction. They are doing anything they can to sabotage on the galaxies.

    (v1.5.1 Update added)


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    Sproggiwood PC Game Free Download

    28 February 2017 , by Ali

    Sproggiwood is a RPG and Strategy game for PC published by Freehold Games in 2014. Enter a world inspired by Finnish mythology.

    Sproggiwood PC Game 2014 Overview:

    You were just a farmer in a small town at first. When one of your ships ran away, You found a new village by following it. Yes, This village is just built for you!

    (v1.2u1 Update added)


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    911 Operator PC Game Free Download

    27 February 2017 , by Ali

    911 Operator is a Simulation, Strategy and Casual game for PC published by PlayWay S.A in 2017. Control an emergency dispatcher.

    911 Operator PC Game 2017 Overview:

    You will receive hundreds of reports in this game. But it’s not just about reading these reports. You have to do something for each report to fix the problems.


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